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 John Piper 

What a great group of people to deal with.  They took my really bad day and were able to work some magic and recover my lost data.  

Thanks to them I didn't lose a lot of memories.

Ray Shilling 

I needed a part for a sony vaio laptop. They sold me the standard part for sony vaio, but it turned out my computer had a non standard part, go figure. When I took the part back they said they couldn't get the one I need, so they took the old one and the new one and combined them into what I needed. Oh and they did it free of charge. I'll be going back there for all of my computer needs from now on. 

Daniel Marshall 

Every experience I've had at Computer Wizards has been great. It really shows that they do all that they can for their customers. As a KU student I've consistently recommended them to my friends/fellow students who have had computer troubles because I know that they will be well taken care of and treated with respect. This is stark contrast to places like best buy or staples who treat you as if you were just a number in their database. 

They are also involved with events on campus. Without Computer Wizards, KU's Computer Science Club's LAN party would have been impossible.  Remember... They Can Fix That!!!!!!

Dave Gottshall 

Incredible service, they take time to explain. I am very pleased. 

Uttam Paudel 

Most highly recommended. The service is brilliant. 

Daniel Spiegel 

I'm a computer scientist, and this is the first time in more than 30 years of computer ownership I took a machine in. Top notch place. They couldn't fix my laptop but were more than fair

If you're looking for a place that works for free, ask your Cousin Charlie. These guys are fair and honest.  

Darren Herb 

I brought my pc to computer wizards for a water cooling system and had a idea for a theme. Chris Breidenstein completely exceeded my expectations on the build. You can tell they're passionate about what they do and it shows in the service they provide. 

Darius Kimbrough 

They gave me with a cord my husband needed to have for a gig we have tonight in town. They are super friendly, kind and knowledgeable. Anyone that needs any help with anything technology related should DEFINITELY stop by! 

Jean Albert 

Quick and reliable computer repair. Helpful technicians, polite and easily accessible via phone and email. 

Julianne Kessler 

Excellent Service! Always timely and professional. Never an issue. They answer your questions without hesitation. Always a great experience! 

Matthew Oliver 

Honest and polite staff. Better service than I would have gotten elsewhere. 

kathleen hoffman 

An on-site tune-up was performed by Brian.  We were told if we had further questions to feel free to call him. It's nice to know we have a great local business in our area we can support because of their knowledge, professionalism, and respect, not to mention their overall fair pricing. Excellent service! 

Katie V. 

Very helpful and kind workers. Even though they did not have the thing i needed they gave me places that did have what i needed. 

Was in the market for a custom gaming pc. Didn't trust buying anything online. So I went to the local professionals at computer wizards. They're very passionate about their work. Hooked me up with a beautiful gaming rig. I couldn't be more satisfied. 

 Jacob Herb 

Everyone says to just buy your own parts online and snap them together yourself.  Sure it may be cheaper. But if anything goes wrong, it could be a total loss. Hardware issues can occur. Creating nightmares. I trust the guys at computer wizards with my investment. I know they got me covered.  👍 

Yelp Reviews

Jessica P

I want to give a big thanks to Ian and Computer Wizards for their  remarkable customer service. It's rare to find a company that truly  cares about their customers. I've never been happier. To say that  Computer Wizards went above and beyond is simply an understatement. When  Apple said they couldn't repair my outdated laptop, Computer Wizards  made sure I got exactly what I needed - with no hidden fees and with the  utmost attention to quality. Thanks again guys! 

Dean S

Chris (and Brian and the rest of the team) were wonderful. They built  and installed our custom machine had had everything 100% updated before  the home delivery. Also installed our (company discount) software AND  transferred our old files. Excellent prices and service. Patient when  dealing with a new user. Highly recommend. 

Betty E

I have to say a HUGE thank you to Jeff.....I am not proficient when it  comes to computers in any way, not only did they wipe out my virus but  took the time to help me with minor issues that I couldn't do myself  over the phone and not even charge me. I will send everyone there and  they will be the only ones I would trust in the future with my personal  computer or my work computer. THANKS GUYS!!!!! 

Kim B

Computer Wizards were great backing up my phone and fixing it. I had an  ATT phone that was under contract and not covered for repairs. I was  afraid to have it fixed because of losing emails, texts, photos and  content. I feel foolish now that I had waited so long to get it  repaired. My phone now works like new and I did not lose anything and  had the backup they made for any future disasters. Thank you to Computer  Wizards and staff! 

Scott M

Chris and his team are top notch!  I had my laptop hard drive crash and  took it to a place near where I work and they said they could not  recover any files from the hard drive and wanted to charge me close to  $300 for a sub par replacement hard drive.  The team at Computer Wizards  not only installed a Solid state top notch hard drive, but were able to  recover most if not all of my files from the crashed hard drive!  All  for less than $300!  I recommend Computer Wizards to anyone in need of  service, advice, or a new computer.  Thanks Chris and the Computer  Wizards team! You guys rock!! 

Matt P

I took my xbox there with a broken tray (wouldn't open or close to load  dvd or game) which rendered the unit useless. They called and said it  was fixed and to come pick it up. Much to my surprise the bill was $53. I  appreciated the honest service and billing and would recommend this  place to anyone with electronics issues. Nice job computer wizards! 

Corey B

I thought my computer was definitely as good as garbage after a recent  issue I had with it. I decided to have it looked at before investing in a  new one so I left it in the hands of the gentlemen at Computer Wizards  in Kutztown PA. It was the best decision i made so far this year. Fast,  Reliable, Professional, Knowledgeable, these guys know what they're  doing! Chris has assembled a team of computer superheros! A bonus was  the unbelievably fair pricing! I was sure it would be $200+ to fix so i  was shocked to get my bill of only $100.00!  Perfect place for college  kids or anyone looking for a dependable computer repair! Also very nice  store! My favorite part was the wall of various circuitry and computer  parts! I made sure to take a picture!  Thank you Computer Wizards! Much Love! 

Facebook Reviews

 Jane Meck

Thank you Computer Wizards!!! The nasty encryption virus is gone. Dropped it off yesterday, picked it up today, great service! 

Jessica Stubits

I want to give a big thanks to Ian and Computer Wizards for their  remarkable customer service. It's rare to find a company that truly  cares about their customers. I've never been happier. To say that  Computer Wizards went above and beyond is simply an understatement. When  Apple said they couldn't repair my outdated laptop, Computer Wizards  made sure I got exactly what I needed - with no hidden fees and with the  utmost attention to quality. Thanks again guys! 

John T. Cusatis 

Their  staff are very knowledgeable and will do what ever it takes to make your  computer run just as when you first bought it or better. 

I will recommend everyone I know to use them for all electronic services.

Kyle Krammes 

Upgrading to Windows 10 busted my network connection.  I went back to  Windows 7 and still had the problem.  After being told by an "expert" on  the Microsoft site that I would need a new hard drive, I took my PC to  the guys at Computer Wizards.  They fixed the problem (busted network  driver) and gave my PC a tune up.  Will definitely be using them in the  future. 

Nick Kleinsmith 

Had my first custom PCs built here, always did right by me. Introduced me to the PC world in the early 2000s. 

Sarah Mickey

The service is super fast, had a new hard drive put into my MacBook and I could not be happier. Thanks so much guys! 

Celina Marie Zentner 

I start college on Tuesday and I was in desperate need of a laptop. I  have little knowledge on computers but Aaron helped me find the perfect  one! These guys are great! 

Sandra Khay

Computer Wizards Team is the best!  Excellent customer service!  No one should be without their monthly maintenance service.  Always there to assist when you need them!  Truly a gem!!!  Jay Liston

Super friendly staff that know what they are talking about. Would  definitely recommend to anyone needing their computer fixed or need new  computer accessories 

Stephanie Bice

Computer Wizards has been providing Safe and Sound Automotive with  quality machines at a fair price for years. They always go out of the  way to provide excellent service. I wouldn't trust the security of our  network to anyone else. 

Paul Dotterer 

Absolutely astonished with this custom built Guardian 📷:D  300 FPS on all but one game (Evolve which hits 270, still excellent  mind you!) Well worth the $1,990. She's all set up to start recording  once i get my second monitor squared away 📷:)  Thank you so much guys! Will definitely be going to you lot when I need  something computer based and let my buddies know to head your way when  they need assistance. 

Joe Richter

These guys, especially Chris the owner, did us a huge favor this past  Sunday, their shop was closed, I emailed Chris, and he got back to me  almost instantly, regarding our company computer, which we use for our  Payroll, and invoicing, which basically died.  Chris took in the  computer, again on a Sunday, when he was closed, and put us back in  business in a matter of several hours.  Super Service, no extra charges  for a Sunday emergency.  Highly recommended, from this very satisfied  customer.  Thank You Computer Wizards.. 

Traci Gehringer

Wow....we brought in our 7-8 year old computer that we thought was done.  The guys at Computer Wizards gave us 2 options, and we opted for the  overhaul. A couple days later, I sit here with what seems to be a brand  new computer for a fraction of the cost! You guys are awesome! Thank  You!!